Soundscape Vienna-Shanghai, Installation view, 2012

cultural morphing


Textile Soundscape

(5 Plexiglas objects, 5 speakers, amplifier, lightsensor, 23x33x12cm each)

is a project exploring fabric-sounds while travelling from Vienna to Shanghai on the transsibirian railway.
Light sensors are used to generate the sounds and the quality and density of the cloth determine the pitch and the rhythm of the sound. So for example, the number of threads interrupting the light per second determine the pitch of the sound. For the project cultural morphing the artist worked with collected fabrics from locations  during the travel (eg.random curtains or table cloth) as well as with textiles woven  in the manner of the region with russian, mongolian, chinese traditional patterns,including religious artefacts like buddhist symbols. It gives the opportunity to listen to cultural heritage and ethnologic artefacts, by transforming these into sound.


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